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Pre-Lock Security Is Voted Number 1

We would like to devote this section to sharing some feedback from our customers who allowed Pre-Lock to secure thier home and/or business. We hope to get the opportunity to work with you also, to generate even more positive feedback.

Until then please take their word for it!

"Pre-Lock -- YOU ARE THE TRULY THE BEST -- your personnel, your quality workmanship, your efficient monitoring service. It sure is nice to know that you are always there when I need you. Thank you so much for your services!!.

Elisa  Forrester - Thornhill

"Your company is very dependable and by providing good technical people and good communication you fulfill my expectations of what a security company is all about.  As a Lawyer I am able to provide my customers with your name and know upon closing the deals I can count on my clients receiving prompt professional service."

Brian Taran, Law Office Toronto

"I feel safe having you monitor my house and very secure with the Medeco locks you installed on our doors."

Edith - Toronto

"Pre-Lock Security has very prompt, courteous, efficient staff. I am a very satisfied customer and I would recommend Pre-Lock to anyone looking for a reliable security company."

Syd Lerer, Print Three Printing Sheppard

"I have consistently found the staff at Pre-Lock Security to be courteous, attentive, and always on the ball. You have earned a loyal customer who will refer my friends, relatives and business contacts to you."

Doug Robertson, Toronto Ontario

"We've been a client of Pre-Lock for several years, and we appreciate the service very much. We always get a pleasant and helpful response when we call over there. We occasionally get a reminder to test our system, if we haven't enabled it for a while. We particularly appreciate the security when we go to our cottage for a few days. We feel like our place is 'in good hands' with Pre-Lock Security Services."

Arnold  Diker, Barrie Ontario

"Pre-lock continues to provide excellent service for the security system it installed several years ago. Friendly and cooperative staff members react promptly to all my needs and assist us in pinpointing  the problems my parents had using the system.  They simply forgot to push the stay button when they armed it at night.  We are all sleeping better now that we understand."

Sid Reiter, CA Reiter & Nadas Chartered Accountant

"It was in my detached garage on Friday when two fire trucks showed up at my door.  They informed me that they received a fire alarm signal from my cottage. I told them that they were mistaken.  As we approached the main building,  I could smell the fumes. The fire was in the toaster oven and the cottage was blanketed with smoke. Thanks to my Pre-Lock  Security Systems, a disaster was averted.

Cantor Eric Moses, -  Innisfil  Cantor Beth  Shalom

‎" The Gold standard for home security Pre-lock is a marvelous full-service security company. From the installers to the owners, this company is first rate, knowledgeable, meticulous and among the most responsive companies that I have ever dealt with when it comes to customer service and support. Trust no one else. Pre-Lock will deliver".

Dr. Jordan Weinstein - Toronto

" I brought in Pre-Lock after years of poor service by another alarm company. Pre-Lock did a complete security evaluation of my home and gave me a list of options to upgrade the security level . One of the options was to re-evaluate the performance of the existing alarm system. Besides small details that were improved and/or corrected they came across a major flaw in the smoke detectors that could have led to a catastrophic scenario. The Pre-lock service rep demonstrated the problem to me , corrected it , and then demonstated and tested for the proper functioning of the smoke detectors.I expected to have maximum protection for my family and home and I didn't have it and I didn't even know. That one incident alone established a trust that I now use Pre-Lock for all my security (alarm,locks,etc) needs at my home ,business , and vacation property. Any time I need service they are there the same day, and the problem is corrected immediately. It would be nice if all service related companys could give you the level of service that Pre-Lock does "

Dr. Neil Bloom - Thornhill

"Would recommend anyone to Pre-Lock Security this company made my day following a break in to our neighbors home that left us feeling vulnerable, Paul Seidman came by and gave us a great deal on a brand new technology where I can check my security system from my iphone 4 and be connected to my house everywhere we go and anywhere in the world as long as I have internet access.   Great Product Great Company Thumbs  to Pre-Lock Security . "

S. Taub - Toronto

"Great Alarm Company!!  best Locksmith in Town!!  I was looking for a Alarm company that can provide our family with some peace of mind, and Pre-Lock really stands above the rest, very professional and outstanding customer service, answered all my questions and my house is fully secure with Pre-Lock, strongly recommended above all others, the owner Paul Seidman understands security and was able to sell my husband that really did not want any protection in the first place thanks Paul your guys are great."

M. Brandon - London

"Professional prompt quality I recently had a residential security system installed by Pre-Lock Security Systems here in Toronto.   I didnt feel like I was sold more than I needed, in fact I wanted to buy more but the security consultant assured me that my additonal equipment was not required, the rep took the time and made sure all my windows were secured,  put warning stickers where it made sense, put a lawn sign to warn intruders and explained my new system to me in terms that were easy to understand as I am not very alarm savy   A few days later they checked on me to make sure all is good and thanked me for chosing Pre-Lock again.   I had a wonderful experience and would recommend this company. "

Ben - Toronto
"I am writing to say that Brian Gold delivered outstanding customer service for my locksmith and residential security system needs.  Personalized, congenial, expert, honest and smart customer service comes naturally to Brian, and it was great working with him.  Without a doubt, Brian has convinced me that Pre-Lock is the better alternative to a big name brand like ADT, and I'd be happy to recommend him and Pre-Lock to any of my friends with security needs and locksmith needs."

Shelly - Markham

"All Alarm companies are NOT created equal"

"I have been a customer of Pre-lock for many years, but had purchased a new house and decided to use Sears to install my new system, as Sears has always had a good reputation and the fees were cheaper. I recently had a feeling that the system was not working properly and tested the system, to in fact discover that the monitoring station did not receive any signals, and in fact had not been receiving any signals for a number of months. Now realizing that my entire home and family had not been secure and we were never notified of such from Sears Home Alarms, I decided to return to a company I had more confidence in and now know that since I've gone back to Pre-lock Security, everything is working 100%. I have also now learned that the entire system had not been installed properly and am very sorry I didn't stick with Pre-lock from the beginning. Pre-lock went above and beyond to ensure that my system provides me with the kind of protection I thought I had with Sears. Although I am now paying slightly more in monitoring fees, I fully agree with the statement, "You get what you pay for"!

Susan - Thornhill

" My door bell rang around 9:30 PM on thursday evening in.  I was not expecting anyone so I simply ignored it as I was speaking to a friend on the telephone.  My phone went dead a few minitues after the door bell rang and seconds later I heard forceful crackling and witnessed 2 people wearing masks standing in my house after they have kicked my front door in.   I was face to face screeming in panic and was lucky the intruders left upon discovering I was home.  Unknown to me that help was already on the way the cutting of my phone line actually triped my alarm as I subscribed to Line Security with Pre-Lock.  York Regional Police was there very quickly and luckly for me, they apprehend the intruders a few minitues later.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  The Police actually had a helicoptor flying over my house and there were Police everywhere.      I will never ignore my front door bell again.  I won't open the door but I sure will go to it so who ever is there will know some one is home.  I am also considering installing a intercom system to make it easy to speak to the person at the door.  Thanks Pre-Lock for being there for me and securing my door following my break in.  I am sure glad I had the cellular backup"
Shane G - Toronto

" I am a landlord who owns a few residential apartment buildings and Pre-Lock Security does our sprinkler alarm monitoring, as well as all the lock work for our buildings.    Good thing we use Pre-Lock, one of our tenants had there car parked in the underground parking.  The car caught on fire and caused the sprinkler head to burst and sound the alarm.  Pre-Lock contacted the Fire Department right away and they attended to deal with the Fire.  I also received a instant email of the Fire Alarm dispatch that went directly to my I-Phone.  The Pre-Lock Monitoring Center handled the alarm perfect and notified all the people on the list as agreed. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul Seidman and his team, he is truly amazing!"
Mike S- Thornhill
"We just moved into our new home in Thornhill.  We once again used Pre-Lock Security to install and monitor our security system.  It was going to be the fist night sleeping in the house, during the day we had the electrican working on our Washer & Dryer and he did not quite finish the installation and said he would be back in the Morning.    About an our after the electrican left, we received a phone call about  an AC Fail alarm and then shortly after that a low battery.   We discovered that the breaker tripped and also shut off the furnace.  Good thing Pre-Lock was on the job as it was -17  that night and we needed the furnace for sure.  We called the electrican back and he fixed the breaker and we were good for the night.    I am sure glad Pre-Lock monitors our home for AC Fail, did not even know they did that"
Mark C - Toronto

We just moved into our Toronto home and called your company to change our locks,   I just wanted you to know that my wife and  I deal with alot of trades and buy alot of stuff and in all honesty your people were painless great and did a good job.  I was very impressed with your timing and quality of people you have, when you guys say you will be there you can truly set a clock by it.    Most business only get complaints, so I wanted to let your team know that  you  did a great job and we would be more than happy to recommend your company for all the services you offer.

Barbra - Toronto

From the start Pre-Lock Security Services Inc. was professional and very informative.  I had the pleaseure of speaking to Brian Gold. (Project Manager).
Not only did he explain all price points, he was kind enough to give me a tutorial of the inner workings of locks, master keys, re-keying, etc..... When I had to relay the information to my husband before making a descision, he was so impressed with my explanition and even suggested another line of work for me.  That's how great Brian is!  He is so frendly and I can't say enough HELPFUL.  He works as if he is running his own personal business.  He CARES!!!!  It's so rare to see this type of dedication and commitment.  I called over 6 lock companies and there is no doubt in my mind that Pre-Lock Security Services Inc. is the best choice!  I would highly recomend them to EVERYONE!!! Stop your searching this is the company for you!!!

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