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Double-Bolt Lock


The CAL Double-Bolt Lock works by securing the door to the frame at 2 security points and preventing any movement of the door. With its double locking action the CAL Double-Bolt Lock makes it virtually impossible to remove the door by lifting it off its track. When the Double-Bolt is locked it's locked period.   The Cal Double-Bolt Lock is elegant durable and permanent.  Above all, its felexable mounting options, The Cal Double Bolt Lock can be installed anywhere along the door opening to maximize security, safety and convenience.  Once installed, the locks break-through design makes a sliding glass door virtually Burglar Resistant.

The CAL double bolt lock can be used as a secondary or primary locking system on glass sliding doors. The lock can be mounted above the OEM lock to be out of children's reach or below the OEM lock to be with in children's reach. The lock can also replace the OEM lock with the addition of the OEM Replacement cavity. 

The "Double-Bolt Lock" is a patented, high security locking system that prevents sliding glass doors from being lifted from their track.  Also         
offers a new feel secure locking system to insure your door is really locked!!

It's such a good product that the first place we installed it was at our president's house.  The Double-Bolt lock can also be used as a child 
safety lock.  The "Double-Bolt Lock is an external lock assembly designed for the sliding glass doors.  The lock mounts on the door frame,
providing maximum protection and helps to keep the door shut.

Great addition to the Charlie bar we traditionally install on all sliding doors to provide a visual security deterrent.  Adding the new "Double-Bolt lock
makes a sliding glass door virtually burglar-proof.

Pre-Lock Security recommends the installation of our new product on every sliding door!!  The lock comprises of a pair of sliding steel bolts that enter the central vertical hole of a specially designed tubular steel mechanism.

The physical installation results in solid metal to metal security when engaged to the sliding door side of the frame.

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